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Why Choose Us

Quality and Reliable - PR Kapak

Quality and Reliable

We are proud to present modern architecture and reliable structures to your liking with our constantly renewed products.

Professional Staff - PR Kapak

Professional Staff

We provide a service concept that does not compromise on quality with our professional expert staff.

R&D Studies - PR Kapak

R&D Studies

We attach great importance to R&D. Continuous renewal and development are among our sine qua non.

Solution oriented - PR Kapak

Solution oriented

With our 23 years of experience, we provide a solution and result-oriented service approach in the Construction Materials Industry. most

Customer relationship - PR Kapak

Customer relationship

Our expert representative is solution-oriented, answers your questions instantly and offers you solutions. most

Gives Importance to Nature - PR Kapak

Gives Importance to Nature

A mission that does not harm nature for the benefit of humanity.

Why Choose Us Pratik Kapak in Numbers

    For End Consumers

  • No handle costs on furniture
  • Resistance to scratches, water, moisture and color loss in sunlight thanks to the melamine surface
  • Ease of use with modern design
  • Resistant to chemicals, practical cleaning
  • For Carpenter / Architect / Contractor

  • Advantage in cover cost 20%-35% savings
  • 10%-15% savings on general kitchen furniture cost
  • 65% savings on product delivery time
  • 3% savings in material consumption cost


2022'de Mutfak Modülleri Trendleri

2022'de Mutfak Modülleri Trendleri

Patentli Ada 300 modelimizin üretimine başlandı.

Patentli Ada 300 modelimizin üretimine başlandı.

WoodTech 2022 Fuarı Standımız Açıldı

WoodTech 2022 Fuarı Standımız Açıldı